Sunday, August 09, 2009


As of today we have 12 more weeks before due date (Nov 2th).

Baby is doing great - growing like normal.

Mommy - well.....we found out last week that I have gestational diabetes. The first two days I was miserable. They had me on too much medicine but they have cut that back now so I'm doing much better. On a pretty strict diet so we've got to really plan out our meals (which is something I've really wanted to do anyway!).

I will try to post some pics soon - working off of two different computers.

We are slowly getting things ready for Ms. Trinity. We do have the storage building cleaned out and the kitchen is now ready with room for a high chair and baby supplies. Next week I'm going to get her bathroom ready and we will actually start cleaning out what will become her room. (something both Mike and I have both been dreading!!!)

You never know how much stuff you accumulate until you need more room!

Well guess I will go for now..I'll post more later.

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Cammy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. A friend had it during her last pregnancy, and she was miserable at first, too. She said that once she learned how to manage it, it wasn't so bad, but getting there was rough. :)

I'm happy everything else is going so well! November will be here before you know it!


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