Tuesday, August 11, 2009

12 more weeks......

Well 12 weeks (at the most???) Is what we have to get things done before "life as we know it" takes a major change (but as a welcoming change!)

We've already had 6 months and well.....time has escaped us! A lot of the projects have been overwhelming, so we keep putting them off and putting them off and well...most of the time I've just been too tired!

Unfortunately we can no longer procrastinate!!! Tick - Tock - Tick - Tock!!!!

This past week (and probably next week too) we've focused on learning and dealing with gestational diabetes and working the requirements into our life (meal planning and choices, times and values of fingersticks, etc). I know my hubby hopes to get a few more weekends of ball playing in and we are hoping to go to the beach for the weekend soon. So with all these wants running head on into the have tos and needs - a plan of action is not just needed but required!!!!

so for the next few nights - armed with paper and a calendar. - a plan is what I hope to create! One thing I want to do is share it with everyone so that suggestions can be made and we can be held accountable!!!!!

So check back soon - all suggestions needed!!!

1 comment:

erin blakley said...

Hope you are doing well, bloggy friend! I know the "end is near" if your baby is still "hanging in there!"


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