Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's been awhile.....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile (again!). This pregnancy has really "kicked my butt". Well I am 23 weeks along and everything is going great!

Oh by the way....

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!

Trinity Nicole will be her name.

I'm going to try to get some pics up - I've gained approx 10 pounds - all tummy too! My midwife says that I'm so short waisted that I will be carrying everything up front. She has a strong heartbeat and is growing right on schedule. I go back in three more weeks to do the diabetic testing! Yuck!

Hubby has been very busy working on the building and house getting things ready. This past Saturday we cleaned out our storage building so that we can now begin on cleaning out our storage room that will become Trinity's room.

Work has been the normal - busy and stressful. We're getting ready to start working on next years budget (oh what fun!) and we are recruiting for another doctor.

All the animals are doing good - Nicki is more spoiled than ever, Lucky and the cats too. We do have one horse (Rascals) that we are nursing a leg injury on - but all in all they are all doing good!

My brother has a new girlfriend who has two children and the 8 year old has stolen the families heart!! Mom and Dad are getting in practice for becoming grandparents!

Our church is getting ready to open a 2nd location soon. Our (first) small group is currently reading and doing a study on Frances Chan's "Crazy Love". Last weekend was our first discussion and it was pretty awesome....can't wait for this coming Saturdays discussion.

We'll guess I will go for now and I'll try to do better staying in touch!! Sorry again!!!

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