Saturday, February 21, 2009

Desperate Times.....Desperate People

As the economy gets worse, I'm afraid things are going to get rough. This past Friday, we realized that my wallet was stolen. I was changing out purses (something I like to do often)Friday morning when I realized my wallet was missing. My husband told me that I probably had left it at work. I didn't think much about it but when I got to work and looked around it wasn't there. So I started tracing my steps. I had it at a meeting on Wednesday at lunch because I got some change out for a drink. I called that office and had them check. They didn't find anything. I started having a really weird feeling. So we pulled up our account online and that's when we seen it. Already two charges had hit that we knew we hadn't done. So we immediately called the bank and confirmed where those charges had been from, etc. I knew then that my wallet was stolen. It happened sometime between Wednesday at 2:30pm to Thurday at 3:00pm (that was when the first charge appeared). And we are leaning more toward Thursday morning.

During those times, I was at work, home, church, home and work again. No where else. We've filed a police report and are waiting for the investigation. Hopefully we will know more on Monday. They told us that were the card was used, they have good security cameras so....we're waiting.

They've used alittle over $400. Our work has been pretty crazy and I haven't been at my desk alot. My husband keeps trying to cheer me up and for me to see the positive side. It's by God's grace that it wasn't worse. I could have been mugged, beaten up, etc. I wasn't around when it happened, I'm unharmed. At least physically. However I'm really trying to deal emotionally. I almost feel alittle violated. I mean someone had to come into my office, stick their hands into my purse. They were close to lipstick, my brush, my meds, my cellphone...I know this sounds weird but it's just made me feel really uneasy.

I now worry about my identity (they have my social), my home (they have my drivers license with my address), etc. I now have to go replace everything. Medical cards, dental cards, membership cards, etc.

The funny part is I tried to go to get new drivers license on Friday before having to go to a meeting for work. The officer gave me my report number and told me to take it to the DMV. Not sure why....when I gave it to them - she immediately asked for two forms of ID. Uhmm...excuse me...I just told you my wallet was stolen! She said I could use birth certificate, a blank check, passport...Yeah like everyone usually carries that stuff with them! My nerves were alittle shot at this point so I just said to forget it. I'll try again on Monday! Jeez!!

I am thankful that it was just the wallet that was stolen and that it wasn't worse. I just wonder though how rough are things going to get. How many people are going to quite depending on God and start doing wrong things that will cause innocent people to get hurt or worse. I worry about my mom (she works in a different city and travels in the dark alot). I worry about my cousin, she lives alone most of the time. I worry about so many people.

I hope that soon we will see some relief until then I just keep praying and trusting in the Lord!

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Cammy said...

I'm so sorry you are having to go through this! I understand how violated you must feel! Hubby's right, though, in that it's a blessing you weren't hurt physically during the theft.


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