Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My life changed since my last post...

No not due to the stolen wallet - even though parts of that has been a pain.

Guess what?

I'm so happy to announce....

I'm pregnant!!!

After 8 years of "trying" - God has blessed us with the gift of a child!

I'm still in shock........I keep waiting for someone to call me and say..I'm sorry your blood test was wrong! But it's true...I'm pregnant!

I'm excited, scared, happy, etc. etc.

We had pretty much given up and was looking into adoption/fostering (I still think this is in our future - just maybe waiting awhile longer!). All weekend I figured it was just the stress from the stolen wallet but then on Monday at lunch I decided to take a urine test at work.

I was shaking so much after getting the results. I had to call my doctor into the room and ask if I was seeing this correctly. He said yes...but they have been known not to be accurate. So I called my husband and we went to the hospital immediately to have a blood test and well.....I'm pregnant!!

I know our life is getting ready to change...and change drastically! But it is all in God's hands and I trust in Him!!!

Gotta go for now...I'll keep you posted!


erin blakley said...

Aw....Congratulations!! I know that i don't "personally" know you, but having just had my precious baby, Elijah, I am sitting here tearing up as I read your announcement! I'll be praying for you a healthy pregnancy! God is so good!

Cammy said...

OH Sherlyn! This is fantastic news! I'm all misty-eyed here! I'm so happy for you and your husband and thrilled that you shared your joy with us!

Sherlyn said...

Thank you both soo much! It's been a long time coming! It is so nice to share with all my bloggy friends!

Thanks again!

DB said...

Hi Sherlyn, congrats on the news.
We'll be keeping you in our prayers. Don & Marie Bailey


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