Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 1 continues (PM) still....

Sorry that it has taken me so long to finish writing about the catalyst, work has been pretty crazy. We stopped in the pm of day one. Next up was Jim Collins. He was introduced by a school bus being driven out due to his topic being on “having the right people on the bus.” He talked about we needed to be a culture of discipline. That instead of being the one constantly trying to do it all by yourself, have the right people on your team (in your bus) then they will help you. Have the right who’s and they’ll worry above-the right what’s.

He then told us:
-about the diagnostic tools we could use with our teams at Jim Collins.Com
-to ask ourselves: Farrow many seats do we have on our bus? And are the right people in the seat?
-Build your own personal “board of directors: These would be individuals who were Keep you accountable, keep you honest, and keep you real.
-Keep young people around you! Listen to them, keep them in your face, give them chances & try their ideas.
-Ask questions & listen - instead of always giving orders
-Take off days with no electronics (ouch-sorry!!)

Refinished up by saying we can not always do radical alone; so get the right people on you bus!!

I’m still not finished with day one yet…. Still 2 more speakers…. The ones that made the most impact for me…. Stay Tune….

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