Monday, October 20, 2008

Morning of Day 1 Continues…

Have you read “The Shack”?

If not, you need to… is one of the most interesting books I’ve read for fun in a long time. I’ve been reading mostly “self-help” books – I feel I need a lot of this!!!

But when we were at the beach I started and finished “The Shack” in two days. At the catalyst this year they actually had the author – William Paul Young there and interviewed him.

He considers this book to be a parable of sorts. He wrote it for his children, never expecting it to become on the best sellers list!!

He considers “the shack” being a metaphor for the heart of a human being. It’s our house on the inside that we don’t want anyone to know about – our secrets, our addictions, our messes!

Again…..if you haven’t read this book and you are looking for something entertaining and fun to read – get this one!

Our next speaker was Jim Collins. He talked about ensuring you have the “right people on your bus”. How this can make a difference on how things flow. To not worry about the how’s and what’s – that if you get the right who’s – they’ll take care of the how’s and what’s.

He told us to:
•Make sure that most of the “seats on our bus” are filled with the right people.
•Build a “personal board of directors” – these will be your mentors, those that will keep you accountable.
•Get young people to help
•Ask questions instead of always giving answers (or orders)

Stay tune for the pm of Day One……..

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