Saturday, June 28, 2008


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Life as usual has been crazy. I am currently on this Saturday morning, sitting out in my parent’s front yard. Our oldest horse is sick so we have removed him from the normal pasture with the other horses and temporarily fenced in the front side yard at my parents. It’s more shady there and cooler. It’s actually kind of relaxing. I’m not worrying about housework, projects, work. Not really able to do too much. I’ve got my laptop and a book to read. My hubby and Nikki pup is here also.

Currently my dad is in the house making salsa and mom’s cleaning. Yesterday we spent all day out here till about 9:30 last night and then we came back this morning at 9:30. Carago (the horse) is doing much better today. He’s currently has COPD and a bronchiole infection. The dryness and thick humidity isn’t helping him. I’ll definitely be glad when we get some much needed rain.

However there is a breezy blowing and in the shade it’s not too bad. Yesterday morning for work I had a (BORING – OVER MY HEAD) training class to go to in Winston regarding budgets. I was mentally drained when hubby called me and told me the vet was back out (2nd day in a row) and that Carago wasn’t doing well. By the time the vet left yesterday it pretty much was that the next two-three days would tell if he made it. He’s 28 years old – which in horse time is pretty good. He hadn’t eaten in almost two days.

So yesterday evening after finally being able to leave that training class – I came straight over. Once the vet left and we went to the drugstore to pick up more meds for Carago. I kept him on a lunge line in the shade for an hour. We did start eating grass but he kept having the sweats and breathing hard. We then strung up a temporarily fencing and as long as we stayed out there with him, he didn’t mind so much being away from the others. The other four horses would come to the upper pasture beside the house and check on him ever so often. I thought this was kind of cute!

By about 4pm I was able to get him to eat some grain as long as it was out of the scoop and I held it. I’ve hand fed cats and dogs before but never a horse. By 8pm, I had gotten him to eat 1 ½ scoops of his (senior) feed and we had completed all the meds for that day. He now has to stay completely out of the barn for good. He is to be completely pasture boarded only.

This morning so far he has ate almost 2 scoops of his feed and is now standing looking at us in the temp fenced area. I’ve spend all morning so far out here with him.

I’ve prayed most of yesterday – probably the longest time I’ve spend in prayer - and most of this morning. I’m not sure what God’s plans are. I do pray for Carago to be well if it is God’s will – I know that He is the Almighty Healer. But I don’t want to be selfish – sometimes I’m scared that I’m praying for this for my own benefit. As much as I love my animals I don’t want any of them to be struggling or suffering for my selfishness.

At the end of last summer, when we thought we were going to have to make the decision to put Carago down because of this same thing and that he didn’t look to be pulling back with the help of medicine. He went three days without eating. God gave me the strength and knowledge that it was time. We (my, my dad, and husband) met at the vet office. The vet was getting everything ready and we went ahead back to the barn. I was determined that if we were to make the decision, I wanted him out of the barn. He could barely walk. He would drag his hooves as he moved. We walked slowly together out to the back yard. My husband and father didn’t say much. I know they were struggling watching me and dealing with this.

I know that last year God performed a miracle for me. This is the most awesome feeling. To know that God had heard my prayers and blessed me! Someone who screws up a lot of the times, who doesn’t always do what is right, who is impatient in waiting, etc. He blessed me - He gave me a story to tell others! Carago was my Isaac. I was willing to let him go because it was best – and because God had provided me with the knowledge and strength to do so.

It was pretty awesome. I brought Carago out to the yard and within a few seconds, he started grazing on grass. He hadn’t ate or grazed in three days. We were all pretty quiet. Mike and my dad knew I had been praying for days. The vet pulled out and immediately stated that this was not what he was expecting to see. He checked Carago over and told us that it was not time for a decision to be made. Carago made a full recover. But this week, we could tell that his COPD was acting up.

We are so dry and our humidity has been awful. I know that if it is meant to be God will heal him. But I also know that I can rely on God for the wisdom to know when it is time. He helped me out before and will again.

It’s pretty awesome knowing that no matter what the situation is – sick animal, husband laid off from work, new stressful job, plans being put on hold – we can always and fully rely on Christ. For it is He who strengths me!

I’ll keep everyone updated on the turnout. As for today Carago has improved – as I type this he is picking up his feed pan, looking at me, and then throwing his feed pan at me! I think he is hinting that he is hungry!!!

Till later………………….

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