Saturday, June 28, 2008

Other updates

Hubby mentioned that I only updated regarding the last two days… thought I would come back since I’ve got nothing but time on my hands right now…..

Hubby still unemployed at this time. He has an interview Monday at 9am. I’ve been okay with him being out right now. God has continued to provide for us. We’ve spent more time at home, more time with each other and have broken several bad habits such as eating out every Sunday after church!!! Now when we go to eat out after church – its something special.

Working as an engineer may not be what God has planned for him. The reason I say this is that my husband has been given a special gift of “preaching”, “talking” (I’m not sure which to call it) and writing. He has spoke (and has a passion for it) at many wiffleball games, softball games, and even asked to do devotions for half-time at a children’s flag football game. He is so “alive” and “passionate” when he is preparing, working on, and doing a “talk”. He’s uncomfortable with calling it “preaching” for some reason. The neat thing is that I’ve noticed - he has a following! By this I mean, he has connected with a group of guys (and gals) that love to hear him speak. They really listen to what he says – because they ask questions, they research and discuss the things he’s mentioned with him and others. It’s really neat.

He’s also gifted at writing. When he was working he was doing a weekly “My thoughts”. Unfortunately for me, he would take things that was happening in his life (even the dumb things I sometimes do!!!!) and writing about how he sees Jesus in those situation or what he felt like Jesus’ was telling him during those situations. Basically he was sharing his life! He was allowing others to see him and how Christ is in and working in his life. Now this can be scary at times – because it means admitting that sometimes things happen because of our bad decisions or because we weren’t listening to God. This really makes you vulnerable and also it holds you accountable to what you do in your life.

So we’ll see what happens……If he is meant to work as an engineer, God will provide him one and if God wants him to do other stuff that will be shown. We’re just going to F.R.O.G. it! (Fully Rely on God!)

As far as a new house – we’ve still put it on hold. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do. Originally we were thinking we were going to look into a modular home where we currently live and build a barn (we love our neighbors and we’re close to hubby’s parents, Winston, etc.) but it’s going to require a lot of money and time! After this weekend of practically living at my parent’s cause of a sick horse – we’ve actually thought about finding a place closer to them and the barn. If we do that, our horses can stay where they are – with Dad’s horses and we wouldn’t have to build a barn. So we’ll pray about and there again F.R.O.G. it too!

Adoption – I still feel that God has called us to adopt. He’s provided us with too many signs. We are now currently praying for God to show us if international adoption is the direction we are suppose to go or does he have other plans. Again F.R.O.G. this too!

My work is still busy and stressful but it is starting to develop a flow about it! I’m still working a lot of hours but I’m slowly cutting back a little each week.

Healthy living – I’m down to 166 ½! Which is great compared to the 178 I was back in November of last year! Still doing Weight Watchers – well trying to also. During the summer I do really good on the veggies – have a harder time with protein though. But hanging in there!

Simply living – We are still using our filter water pitcher and tap water – Huge savings since going this route! And we are not accumulating all those plastic water bottles. I still every now and then buy bottle water at a ballgame if I forget to bring my Sigg bottle already filled from our tap!

Other areas for living simple - We bought our containers last week to begin recycling. We are trying to buy less 2 litter bottles of diet soda and have gone to cans – you can find these on sale more and aluminum is easier to recycle and better for the earth. We’ve slowly started with couponing – haven’t quite got the knack for it yet. But we’re trying.

Update on the other animals - I’ll post pics soon of Nikki – she’s growing like a weed. We took her last week to the vet for the last round of her puppy boosters and she weighed 49 lbs. I was telling everyone she was 6 months old but actually she was born the week of Valentine’s Day – so she is only 4 ½ months old! Oh my!

She loves to cuddle and if hubby does go to work – I think both Nikki and hubby are going to have separation anxiety!!!

The two indoor cats (Bobo and Motts) are doing well – they’ve really gotten use to Nikki – their now to the point where they anticipate when she’s going to want to play with them. They hurry up and get out of her way!!

Lucky, our outdoor dog currently is having an ear infection, so hubby has to wash out his ear and apply meds daily with him. But otherwise he is doing well!

The other two horses (Jesse and Rascals) are doing well. We haven’t got to do much riding due to gas prices being so high and limited budget!

I think this covers everything….I’ll try not to wait so long to post next time!

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Martha said...

I like your suggestion for simplifying by using the filtered water pitcher. We switched to this method after seeing a spot on Oprah with Suze Orman where they were helping people get their budgets under control. Bottled water is a hassle, a big expense, and a drain on the environment!

PS - Thanks for listing me as a site you visit :-)


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