Thursday, December 20, 2007

Remainder of December

Lost another half of a pound! Yeah! But let me tell you...I'm struggling. Working in a doctors office at Christmas is not easy. Our patients and drug reps keep bringing us sweets. Not good for a pre-diabetic! In one day we received: a pecan pie, a yellow cake with chocolate icing, large pack of candy bars, homemade chess squares, and a bag of cookies. Also one of the girls Monday brought brownie bites. Temptation Galore! Especially the brownie bites, chess squares, and chocolate iced cake.

So for the remainder of December I’m going to try to avoid sweets as much as possible, try to eat healthy, keep drinking my water, and maintain my food diary. I think trying to post weekly goals will sabotage me during the holidays. I’ll keep you posted!

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