Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sad Time..............

Yesterday evening, Mike came home and our 13 year old lab, Snow White had passed away. It's a very sad time around our home right now. She was like our child. She was the first Christmas present I got Mike. She was my bed buddy - While my husband is up playing Xbox all hours of the night, she would snuggle up to my back and sleep.

We're not sure exactly what caused her death. Mike was home for lunch and she acted okay. He let her out and she was laying on the floor before he left. Normally I'm the first one home in the evening, but God kept me at work a little later than normal talking with the girls, so Mike made it home before me.

She was laying on the couch (her other favorite spot besides the bed!). Doesn't look like much of a struggle. I'm hoping she passed away in her sleep. But it was definately unexpected.

I went into work late today cause we were going out to eat for Christmas. I didn't really feel up to it but the doc I work for and his wife are huge pet people (10 dogs and 8 cats in the house!). So they are really supportive and loving when it comes to situations like this. I'm very blessed to have them as a boss and boss lady!

It was kindof hard coming home tonight.....I'm kindof a home body! I love our home...still do, but it was alittle hard coming home this evening...a little sad. I know that it will get easier but there is still a huge void in my life and heart right now. I miss the whimpers of a spoiled dog wanting rubbing or a snack, wagging tails knocking Christmas balls off the tree, and doggy paws in my back at night trying to get more bed!

Six years ago, she was hit by a car and had to have pins and plates put into both hips. They didn't expect her to make it at that time. We are blessed to have been given 6 more years with her. She was the queen of this castle! She ruled the house! Our daily schedules and habits will have to change now and that's going to take some getting use to.

I just pray that she didn't struggle and that she knew she was loved! I miss her so much all ready! After the emotions calm down, I'll post some pictures of her.

Just keep us in your prayers......Thanks!

PS - Dan - Seen your comment on previous post...Thank you so much for your words and prayers...You mean so much to us! Merry Christmas!

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koinoniacommunity said...

I'm sorry to hear about her Sherlyn. I got an email today I am going to forward to you. It made me cry. I hope it comforts you. Love you!


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