Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Signs...Signs...Everywhere is Signs..........

Old song. Don't really like the next verse though. Because for me right now, my signs are good signs.

If you read back in November, I posted about a "God Encounter" that I had one morning on my way to work regarding adoption. Well since then, I've been given confirmation signs weekly. It's pretty cool! God has confirmed for me that adoption is something that we are suppose to look into.

Saturday at the "Give CHRISTmas" event, a friend of Mike's (we'll call him "K") that use to work with him, came to help out. He's working for another company now. We were standing in line for breakfast that morning when Mike tells me that "K" has two adopted children. I immediately feel butterflys in my stomach. One of "K"s children was from a private adoption and another from China.

Mike told him about how he has always felt a tug to adopt but in the past I wasn't ready. We then told him about my experience where I really felt God telling me to investigate adoption. I start asking all kinds of questions which he so lovingly and patiently answered. See sometimes my brain thinks quickly and I'm scared I'll forget stuff, so I ask a million and one questions (drives my husband crazy!!!). It was pretty awesome because he said him and his wife would love to talk to us about it!! Yeah!!!!

Also if you read the comment from November, one of Mike's Halo buddies has also offered to talk to us - since he adopted from Korea.

Resources, resources - God is providing us with so many resources!!! The confirmation signs is coming from all directions....messages from our Sunday preacher, Wednesday preacher, movies we rent and watch, songs, family/friends who have no clue they've given us signs....

I thought I was getting to a point where I wasn't so emotional - who am I kidding! I feel that my heart is bursting open with happiness, joy, love, etc.

The coolest thing is that this year we cut our gift budget in half, so that we could purchase more for the Give CHRISTmas event. So here we are working at the event - wanting to help parents who are struggling to provide toys for their children - and God provides us with yet another sign!!! (and resource!!!) Our God is so amazing!!

We did not expect to receive anything in return. But because of our obediance to God, He provided us with something worth more than any money could buy! That's one of the reason that I stay so emotional. I see Christ all over this decision and experience already that it takes my breath away and causes my heart to explode. Christ has provided us with the comfort to strive forward!

During our Christmas break, we're really going to start discussing a few plans. We've got some things in our life that we still need to "work on" - our home, telling family/friends, praying about everything, talking with our resources, traveling, studying about adoption, etc. We understand that time and money will be an issue and that it could take up to 2 years and $30,000 to make this happen....But I know that with Christ all things are possible!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep you updated!!!!!!!


koinoniacommunity said...

That's right! And I am so excited for y'all. It feels incredible when God really starts sending signs your way about something you have been praying about. And something so exciting!

Dan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I hope your guys are holding up ok. God is making room in your home for a child. Who may have already be born! You never know. I'm praying for your children and you two as well even if you don't know of each other yet.

koinoniacommunity said...

Do this! Don't do that! Can't you read the signs......


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