Sunday, December 02, 2007

Imagine Christmas

Tonight was our church's first run of "Imagine Christmas". Upon entering the auditorium, the set was beautiful. White trees, fake bunches of snow. They started by playing on the screen above the stage, a winter scene of falling snow. I actually started feeling chilly! Bible verses telling the story of Jesus birth flashed on the screen throughout the presentation. Starting off was a skit by our Music Director and the Youth Director playing as "Stomping Angels" (There the ones responsible for snow falling!) One had a paper and was reading "Heaven's News". It was telling about Jesus going to the planet of the people (The pronounced it as "Ear" "th" - ear then at the "th" sound!) as a baby. And that only the illimunation angels and vocal angels were going to be apart of it. They didn't understand why all the angels weren't going to be involved in such a big event.

Through these two angels, dancers, singers, even children, they retold the story of Jesus's birth. It was a whole new spin from anything I've seen before.

It really put me into the Christmas spirit. It made me laugh, cry, be thankful, realize how important this event is to us.

It was amazing!!!

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