Monday, December 03, 2007

Give Christmas Shopping and Christmas Wish

Yesterday, one of our small groups went shopping for "Give Christmas". What is "Give Christmas" you may ask? Well, its a ministry our church has going on throughout the whole year where we collect toys, clothes, stocking stuffers, food, etc. to give out to the needy.

Last year they estimated that we had around 300 children. This year due to the local plant closings, loss of jobs, etc, they are estimating that we may have a total of 700 children come through the doors.

Our first small group (hopefully a name for each is coming soon!) got together after church yesterday, ate lunch, and then we hit Wal-Mart and shopped. It was wonderful!! Knowing that you were purchasing gifts for children that may not have received was very touching.

I know that Christmas isn't about gifts and that today Christmas is very commercialized. I know and understand that the true meaning of Christmas is about Christ.

But I also remember being a kid a long time ago and the excitement of surprises that came around about this time of year! I know even as an adult, I still like surprises. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know that someone went through the trouble of surprising you. I know everyone has different feelings on "Santa Claus" and I don't want to get into all the different aspects of that.....

It's just sometimes I miss the innocent/magical feeling of surprise and excitement. I don't know about you, but as an adult, the world creeps into my life and takes the excitement away sometimes. All the responsibilities and requirements of being an adult takes away from the giddyness and excitement. So I get a buzz from watching children at Christmas, watching their eyes glow with wonder, hearing their shrieks and laughter, it takes me back to my memories of being little when you felt like you didn't have a care in the world and all the world was safe and happy.........

I love the decorations, lights, and music at Christmas. And of course the food! It's the one time of year where just for a few moments you feel carefree....this year I want to look at everything as a child. I want to see my loved ones and hug them as if I was a child. Children give the best hugs! They give them with everything they got and feel! I want to remember happy memories with my family and laugh! I want to hear laughter bounce all around the rooms! I want to just soak in the moments of love and laughter......And truly, I wis everyday was like Christmas time!

That's my Christmas wish.....

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