Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I know it's been awhile since my last posting. I'll try to update as much as possible before supper is done!

I'm now at 12 weeks in the pregnancy! 1st trimester almost done! It's hard to believe only 6 more months! It's passing so quickly. I'm doing good. I've started getting my energy back. I was sick this past week with what we believe started as allergies/sinus issues but turned into bronchitis.

We go back to the doctor next week so I'll have more info then hopefully!

I've gained only 5 pounds since finding out I'm pregnant! My midwife wants me to gain 25-30 pounds - and this hard to deal with after years of NOT trying to gain weight! My eating habits have changed - only real cravings have been "tomatoe and/or tomatoe products"! I'm so ready for the gardening season!

Ball season has started again. Mike had a tournament this past weekend and I didn't get to attend due to being sick. boo! hoo! Still no luck in the job department for Mike but God is providing! And who knows what God has planned for the future! He's also getting ready to have a full plate with fixing the home for baby!! Much to his enjoyment! HA! HA!

One of our small groups (Crazy Love/Mad Hope) just did our first ever "Bumper Crop". We handed out 130 bags of groceries to various needy neighborhoods in our community. This was very awesome. Also this coming Saturday we will be holding a "special" yard sale (more info later on!)

Our main small group "The Gathering", next month, will have been meeting for 3 full years now! That's pretty cool!

Also next month, my work will have joined Novant for a full year. This means that I have been a practice manager for a year now. The job is still stressful but at least it is managable now. I do enjoy what I do and that's a major plus!

Our church is now doing their own podcast - you can check out here!

All the animals(babies) are doing well! Spoiled as ever!

Well I guess that is all for now...Mike's got supper ready! I'll try to update more often!

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