Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day 2 and Wrap Up!

I was sortof exhausted from day one so I don’t know if I took as many notes as I did Day One.

It started off with Tim Saunders (founder of Yahoo). He talked about creating an environment of abundance – of giving. That together we can do so much more. Abundance is an essescence of faith. He told us to take our values to work with us. Values of compassion – community.

Then he talked about “contagious compassion”. That we need to just love people, to give them hope. To create a “ripple”. You know how you can drop something into water and from the point of contact of the item to the water, a ripple is created through the whole body of water.

We can do this at our home, at our job, at church, at the grocery store…..the ripple effect. Show someone kindness, compassion, love and watch it become contagious!

Next speaker was Dave Ramsey…he talked a lot about our economy and how if we would just follow Christ’s financial plan, then we would not have fear in today’s situation. Fear is not a fruit of the spirit. Fear is driven by emotion and is what is running the world today.

Media will only report what is bad which causes fear in people. When people have fear, they panic.

We need to use our spiritual knowledge and know that we are okay. That God will provide our needs!

After lunch we were introduce to Matt Chandler from The Village Church in Texas. He talked about how we need to not just “know of” God but to really “KNOW HIM”!!!

We need to glorify God in all we do.

He stated that we didn’t need to know Him in hopes of getting further in life, for more money, more blessings but to know Him to glorify Him!

He told us to examine ourselves – that were our organizations (church, job, even family) is weak – that is where we are weak!

Then to finish day two – Andy Stanly came back out and wrapped up.

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