Monday, October 06, 2008

Enough is a enough

Okay....sometimes enough is enough!

I bet you think you are getting to ready to read something about stuff, or simple living, or abundance.....sorry to disappoint ya...but this is more of a venting post!

Today (well if you look at the time....yesterday) we went "live" with a new electronic records system at the doc's office. We actually worked all day (8am to 7pm) Saturday in preparation for this.

We knew that it was going to be new, be change, and be stressful....however we forgot to mutliply that by 10!!!

The system - alot to know/learn/memorize but we know we'll eventually get the hang of it.

Our patients - understandable, one reschedule but was cool with it, we gave them cookies and drink!

Our doc - nervous, antsy, pestered us alittle more than normal but manageable.

Our so called "support" - bullies, controlling, their way or no way, overbearing, suffocating, arguementative...and I could go on.

I was constantly reminding myself in the afternoon that God commands me to love them. So I continuously prayed that He gave me the strength and knowledge to do so and to honestly just take control and make me do it!!

I felt (and still feel - we have 7 more days with them!) so bad (mad, sad, hurt) for my employees. You see our office is small and we all get along so well together. I really feel like my staff is my family. So today when I seen some in tears, it broke my heart, made me defensive, and made me want to fight for them. These are individuals that I spent most of my days with. We don't have the backstabbing, gossiping, and meaness that alot of offices (medical or non-medical) have. We each geniunely love each other...our flaws and all!

So when we have two individuals that come in and bark orders at my staff. Crowd over them and tell them what they are doing wrong.....I say "Enough is enough".

I even feel like it's okay to feel this way alittle bit - as long as I don't use it to hurt or destroy others but instead of a time to love the "hard to love", build up my staff and let them know that they are important and valuable to our office, and I feel this will be a time for us to bond together even more.

I just got through writing each one a small notecard expressing how important they are to me and the office and stating that we will get through this! I've really tried to make this experience fun - we actually had door prizes and gift bags (thanks Natalie!!!) and of on Saturday. I know this isn't much but I am a manager and I do love my employees. I want them to be happy! I don't want anyone bullying them around....

One thing that is scarying me right now is that I am scheduled to leave for the leadership conference in Atlanta on Wednesday. I worry about "my gurls" at the office but I will stay in touch - not because I'm all corporatey but because I want them to enjoy coming to work as much as possible (and I want to have a staff on my return).

So tomorrow and throughout the next few days, if you get a chance, say alittle prayer for have patience, understanding, and love.

Tonight after everyone left the office, I let the tears flow freely to release the stress and feelings from the day flow. At that moment my husband called. I didn't give him alot of details other than it was a hard day. Alittle while later, he texted me the follow:

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I know this verse fits both me and the office. I know that for myself, I am where God wants me to be. I wouldn't have said that a year ago - in the workforce with the stress of being a manager - no way!

But now I see...he has me there for this very love and encourage the others in the love the hard to just "be" for others.

I have hope in Jesus and that alone is all I need for this season in life.....


Dragon Cowboy said...

If they keep messin' with my baby, I might have to come up there... don't know what I'll do when I get there but... Love you!

koinonia community said...

Love you!


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