Friday, September 12, 2008


It’s amazing the widespread panic that news reporters can create. This morning on my way to work, our local Christian radio station was talking about the “big” hype that has started on the news.

Supposedly society/government wants us to get all the gas we can because due to hurricane Ike and them shutting the oil refineries down – gas is getting ready to take a major jump in prices.

The radio announcers were talking about how this is society and the governments new way “of blaming God” for rising gas prices. When in reality, gas prices are driven by our government’s decisions and by supply & demand. So when everyone goes out today to buy their gas before prices go up - this increases the demand….so guess what…prices will go up!

I understand them closing the refineries down due to weather – I wouldn’t want the people working out there putting their life in danger. But they are only going to keep the closed for what’s necessary. They will be loosing money for as long as they are closed – so how to they keep their “books” and bottom line looking good – by scaring us and causing us to purchase more gas.

Gas prices after Katrina only went up by 70 cents per federal statistics……how much has gas gone up since Christmas?

The radio announcers were saying – instead of panicking and running out to fill your tank (and helping the rich keep their bottom lines looking good) – save gas. Stay at home this weekend – don’t use gas for the weekend! This way when you have to use gas next week to go to work, etc. You’ll have it. Spend time with the family – instead of running around town, eating out, etc. Have a picnic in your living room and play board games.

My husband use to always fuss at me. I would talk about how much money I saved by buying things on sale. He would say….it’s not really a saving if you didn’t need to buy it to begin with.

So stay home this weekend or limit your time in the car or truck – this will help with gas consumption.

I also look at it as being a little greedy… we are worried about gas prices going up and what it is going to cost us (the “me” factor as usual) and there will be folks who loose their home (their families safe place) and if this hurricane is really as dangerous as they say.....maybe even their life!

I plan to instead of worrying about myself and my money....praying for those that will be most impacted by this hurricane and believing that regardless of what the gas prices are - that God will take care of me!

F.R.O.G. - Fully Relying on God! For all things!


Dragon Cowboy said...

It's a miracle! We are in agreement! Love you!

koinonia community said...

Smileys went up 40 cents in one day. It was $3.59 when we left for dance around 3pm yesterday. They were walking out to change it as we were driving by. When we drove home two hours later it was $3.69. Today, about 3pm they were $3.99 and as we came home four hours later they were out of gas and TJs had gone up to $4.79. It went up $1.14 since yesterday!!!!

Sherlyn said...

Yeah...reports were by lunch lines were around all the stations.

It's rather sad! People will believe anything that is said.

I guess the oil companies are happy - they broke even today!

Wouldn't it be nice that when we get sick and must miss work - our bottom line didn't decrease - that we still got paid without having to use vacation/sick time!

We are actually watching the movie "Amazing Grace" tonight. Slavery. Kindof sums up what happened today. We're slaves to the economy, to the oil companies, to the government. They say buy, we buy. Again rather sad!


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