Thursday, September 11, 2008

Containers and Take Out

Over at The Happy Housewife Blog, there was a post regarding styrofoam containers used for take out versus taking your own containers. I’ve never thought about it but I really like the idea. For 2008 I’ve really kept my eyes open for small changes that I can do to help protect God’s wonderful creation. I asked my husband if he would be embarrassed if I did this….of course he said yes! He! He! This just makes me want to do it more!!!!

I do really hate getting those containers…except there is somewhere (not sure) where we have gotten food at from a drug rep at work that came in some really neat black plastic (not styrofoam – not Tupperware plastic) containers that we all fought over because they withstand multi-use. They had pop on and off lids. We didn’t heat up in them but the bowls were great for salads, etc.

Also Tupperware makes a container that collapses (Flat Out Series). These would fit neatly inside my over sized purses. So when my hubby wont share a meal with me (he hates this too!) I could just pop out my containers and have lunch for the next day!

So what do you think….would you be embarrassed if we were out eating and I pulled out my own bowls to take home leftovers in? You can be honest!


The Happy Housewife said...

So, do you think you will do it? My sil is sending me some collapsible containers so I can start soon! My husband won't share a meal with me either. We just like different foods!
I am going out tomorrow and plan to ask my server what they think of my plan :).

koinonia community said...

Girl! You know it takes alot more than that to embarrass me. And, hey, I'll share a meal with you. Alea and I share all the time. She never likes the junk food on the kiddie menu. And Darrell and I share occasionally also. So...where are we going?

Jackie said...

LOL. Girl this is so cool cuz my family and friends call me not so nice things when I do this. Some won't even go out to eat with me because they know I will do this. One waitress accused me of bringing food in and I had to prove to her that what was in the container is what I ordered and is on my tab.


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