Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rising up from the ashes.....

This is what the Chapman family is doing. Many of you know that I am a huge Steven Curtis Chapman fan for sooooo many reasons. His songs and stories have impacted my life, my marriage, and my walk with God.

This family is surviving because they truly are depending on God. If you go to “YouTube”, you can find taping of his latest concert. His first since loosing his daughter. I’ve been visiting his managers blog (Click here to visit) and watching as this family (and friends) grieve the loss of one adorable, amazing little girl.

In one of the Youtube videos, it shows him talking about and singing the song “Blessed by His Name” – he states that this is one of the key songs his family has used in getting through all of this. They continue to rely on, praise, and love God through this difficult time. To see them is to truly see Christ!

Part of the lyrics to this song state “You give and take away, but my heart will choose to say, blessed be your name." The strength this family has and is showing the world is truly a work of faith in the Lord. Allowing the world to see their grief and how they are believing and loving God is such a statement of their faith. They are truly an inspiration.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers………….

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