Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's been awhile....quick update

Hey everyone. I know its been awhile since I've blogged. Thought I would drop a quick update.

WORK - We are now officially part of Novant Health. I'm in my new position as Practice (Office) Manager. I'm pulling long hours. I'm going in a 7:30am, taking about 30 minutes (if that!) lunch and leaving either 6pm or 6:30pm. I use to have Friday afternoon's off but have worked the last two so far. I'm hoping that once we start getting into a routine, maybe the hours wont be so long.

HOME - Ball season is back in for hubby. He's at a tournament now, played one last weekend, been playing on the city spring league for past three weeks and church spring league starts this coming week! Whew! I'm tired just typing all that!

NIKKI - Our new puppy is still growing. She's around 11 weeks old. I actually had to take her to the vet this morning. I could tell something was wrong. At first before the test came back, the vet was concerned it was parvo or that she had ate one of the cats toys. She was vomitting and had runny poop. She acted like she was miserable. Come to find out she has pin and tape worms. So they have given her some meds and she's acting alittle better now. She weighted 26#'s today. That's 6 more than two weeks ago. She's averaging around 3-4 pounds a week. She was a monster compared to all the other little pups in the office.

WEIGHT/BEING HEALTHY - I actually this past Friday joined the actual WW meetings at our local hospital. There from noon to one. I still have my online tools also but didn't have the accountability that I need from online. So I'm giving the actual meetings a chance now. My wonderful mother-in-law provided me with all my books and tools. The cool thing was that I weighed myself yesterday morning before getting dressed for work - 171. I knew that due to the busyness I hadn't been eating great. Hotdogs at the ballpark, etc. If I ate at all. I had a slim fast for breakfast that morning and then I went in to weigh in at the hospital. Mitzi's (WW Counselor) scale said! I was so happy..and it's the first day. I have been thinking that I was stuck in the 170's forever. I got to the 169 mark a month or so ago but never expected to start off there when I went to the meeting. I was soooooo happppppppyyyyyyy! I'm hoping that now that I will be weighing in front of someone, I'll be inspired to really try hard no matter what is going on in my life.

LIVING SIMPLY - We are still using our filter water pitcher and have only bought bottled water once for a ball game. I've still got to purchase us some of the SIGG bottles to use. (hmm....may do right now while I'm thinking of it..) I fixing to go an start not buying 2 litter soft drinks so that we wont have the plastic. I'm going to go to cans - easier for me to recycle - my cousins (who works with me) father-in-law collects cans and then takes them to the recyclers for money. He has huge garbage bags in his garage. Monthly he takes them, cashes them in, and then puts the money in his two (soon to be three) grand kids banking accounts. I don't have the time (I know, I know....all you really true green fanatics, I should be doing this also to be thrifty....small steps first)but I can take them to her at work weekly and let her take them to her father-in-laws. I haven't planted a garden yet this year but that's father has gone overboard with the planting and since my mom loves to can what he grows, I'm trying to work up a way to buy from them. What better way then support your own parents and get good groceries at the same time!! I'm still hoping to plant a few tomato plants - I love tomato sandwiches! Yum Yum. I'm really hoping to setup a means to recycle paper and plastic better at the house in the next few weeks - any suggestions are welcomed!

Well guess that's all for now...I'll try not to wait so long before I blog again....Bye!!!!!!


erin blakley said...

It's so good to have a new update! You are obviously so busy with work, but you are doing so many great things! Good luck with the WW's. I've sworn off the scale for a month and I'm hoping to see the 160's myself in June!

Cammy said...

Your baby is so precious! I love the pic of her peeking out from under the sofa. LOL

Glad you're back on track with WW. A lot of people don't understand how being too busy can't derail a healthy eating plan, but it will certainly do it! Here's hoping everything calms down soon!

Jenny said...

Healthy eating takes lots of time in the beginning but then I HOPE it gets easier!

Have a great week!


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