Monday, May 19, 2008

Good News, Sad/Frustrating News, Prayer Needed

Hey everyone....I come to you with exciting news, sad/frustrating news, and prayer request.

First the good news - my cousin (who is also a member of our small group) had her baby today. A little boy, Mason Blake, 6lbs 5ozs. Both mommy and baby are doing great!! I stopped by the hospital to see them before coming home. Didn't get to hold Mason yet but I'm patiently waiting!

Sad/frustrating news - my hubby was laid off today. It was rather unexpected. We knew their work was getting slow and had heard of other areas that we to be effected but they have told hubby over and over that he would be safe. I guess that should have been the clue! Not to worry. I know God will take care of us and that he'll be able to get another job probably contracting soon. The cool thing about this one was that he was only about a block or two away from home. With gas prices, this will hurt.

So here is where the prayer request come in....please keep my cousin, baby, her husband and daughter in your prayers. I know there life will be changing with a new baby and just pray for them to be happy and healthy.

Also please pray for the other folks that also lost their job today. I know there was at least 3 others in my husbands department. Please pray that these individuals will find work again so they can provide for their families.

Also please keep my husband in your prayers. I don't know what God has planned for us but I know he will take care of us. I know that Satan would want us to be ticked, mad, etc. Just pray that we stay focused on God and his path for our life.

Speaking of life, the part that I'm struggling with on this new situation is that this will put a hold on our plans for a new home and adoption. Just pray for me to stay positive, keep the faith, and have wisdom to understand that regardless of what happens....God will provide and take care of us.

I'll keep you updated on to you later.

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Cammy said...

Definitely keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers...


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