Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time off, Menu Plan and To Do List

I have some time off work….yeah!!! Doc is gone out of town till Friday. I was off work on Friday (spend with hubby and new dog – see previous post), Monday (spend time trying to clean house and watch pup), today (spending more time with pup, wanting to finish house projects – chances of doing so????) and Thursday. I have to go in to work tomorrow for some training and meeting.

Our change over to Novant has been postponed until May 1st now due to some real estate issues. This is good, because now maybe it won’t be so stressful.

Menu for this week:
Tonight – sauerkraut and weenies
Wednesday – Subway after church
Thursday – chicken/broccoli/mac dish
Friday – small group – pizza/wings
Saturday – small group – finger foods

Then next week we’ll be back on a regular schedule and maybe Nikki will be more settled in too.

I’ve been trying to work on plans for decluttering house, loosing weight/eating healthy, adoption, new home planning – just life in general. It’s been slow and chaotic at the same time. I’ll try to communicate more each week so you guys can keep me accountable.

Goals for week:

- Clean out and inventory pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. This actually has a two fold purpose. I need to clean out and get rid of the junk food for dieting purposes. Also need to inventory what we have so that I’m not buying duplicates at the grocer store – budget/financial reasoning. Also it will help with menu planning ‘because I’ll know what I have on hand.

- Clean out and organize Tupperware cabinet – I do this about every four to six months. It will stay neat for awhile and then it goes back to hurrying up to shut the door before everything falls out – again! I’ve been reading some great tips on other blogs about using a medium storage container to hold them and/or using a pot lid rack to hold lids in a row. I’ll try to take pics when done and let you know how it works out.

- Finish cleaning out closet. This is the hardest. I’m not a shopper. Use to be until I put on the weight, then shopping wasn’t fun anymore. Since I’m not into shopping, I want to hold on to every piece of clothes (whether the fit or not – you know….but I may loose enough weigh to fit in them or but these are my fat clothes for those days I really feel fat – has anyone else ever felt this way??? Oh I hope so; I hope I’m not the only one!!) I really need to just have what I’m wearing in my closet and not all these extras. I tried this last week. Now everything’s out of the closet but on the floor. It was too depressing so I gave up. It’s just so overwhelming. So I think I’m going to put up my winter clothes (could be a mistake – we had a slight freeze last night! Ugh..this weather just won’t make up its mind!!!) and then for the fat/skinny clothes, I’m going to box them up, mark a date (30-40 days from now), and then come back to them, if I can’t wear them or if I haven’t lost weight to wear them, I’m sending them to charity!

- I’ve also got to look over a large training manual tonight for tomorrow. I’ve put it off all weekend…but tonight I have to bite the bullet and read through it. Oh joy!!

I was hoping to get to the yard work and gardening but think I’ll have to put off for next week. I did get the area around my birdfeeder weeded when I took the pup out this morning. Nothing like multi-tasking! I may add more later……see you around.


erin blakley said...

I totally feel you on the closet! I need to go through mine, but I know it will be so depressing. I definitely have more clothes that I can't wear than clothes that I can. Boo! I love your idea on boxing up/dating the clothes...now if I can just be brave enough to do that! I don't know what it is that makes us hang on!

Jenny said...


Thank you for your inspiring comments on my blog! My cousin is thinking that God is directing her to adoption too. When I pray for her, I'll remember you too! I'm a office manager too! That's fun. I'm with you on the Bible verses on cards.

I'm blessed that for right now the office is a little slow and I can even take a little time out of my day and read my Bible. Its hard though because talking is more fun!

It sounds like you all are very active! That makes life interesting! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

And we are thinking of getting a dog too. But I don't know if I can handle one more thing!

Lelia Chealey said...

Wow~ you have a lot going on! Adoption...my parents are adopting soon.
I'm so glad you're joining the blog Bible study of Lysa's book! I love hearing other women's hearts have to say.
Looking forward to getting to know you.

HisPrincess said...

Your closet made me smile. My closet spans three dress sizes at the moment. Ugh. I have lost weight in the past and managed to get fit but then had a knee reconstruction and just haven't managed to lose the excess weight since then. It's all a bit frustrating.

I've decided to stop trying this diet and that diet, its all so depressing. I'm trying to remind myself everyday that my body is a temple. It deserves to be looked after. I just need to remember that in my prayers each morning and I'm thinking I might get somewhere. I also need to get off my backside and away from the computer on my day off and go for a walk! At least my fingers will be nice and slim after all this typing!


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