Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Today is the first day of a new year! 2007 will not be forgotten. Many memories....

I realize that many things from 2007 we can carry forward to 2008, while some we can't (our beloved dog, time we didn't spend wisely, money we didn't spend wisely, loss of loved ones, etc). But with each of those things we left behind in 2007, we do carry a part of them with us into 2008, whether its a lesson learned, a happy memory, etc.

Our pastor recently spoke about change - about how we should embrace it. I see change as being a part of God's work in our life. Some change is easy to go through, while some we may struggle through.

The one thing I carry the most from 2007 is knowing that for both myself and my husband, we grew in our walk with Christ. We grew in knowledge, in our spiritual gifts, and in our confidence in Christ. Each of these areas we will continue to grow, but whether we struggle or breeze through the changes in our lives, Christ is always right there beside us. Nudging us to try different things and to take certain directions that we alone may not take. If we don't embrace change, we're fighting against Christ's plan for our lives. If we're fighting, what are we missing out on????

I believe that 2008 holds a lot of change for both me and my husband. Changes in several areas of our life. I pray that God gives us the knowledge, wisdom and the desire to embrace these changes and not struggle with them. We humans can not keep change from happening..........so embrace it, develop it, and love it!

My wish for you is to have a Happy 2008, to embrace the changes in your life as opportunities to grow in Christ, and to remember we love you! Happy New Year!

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koinoniacommunity said...

Happy New Year! We love you guys!!


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