Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Week...New Ministry...Small Group

It’s been a busy week. Last Saturday, we began a new ministry for horseback riders. We didn’t have a large turn out but wow was it a beautiful day! I love being on the back of my horse with the wind in my hair. Sometimes when my horse lags behind the other horses and I’m in the back by myself, I close my eyes and just take in all of nature. This is where I feel the closest to God. I can feel his presence all around me.

Also on Saturday, I started back teaching our small group. I really enjoy leading this group. It requires me to dig a little deeper into the Word and study more. We started on spiritual gifts. I’m real excited about this. I took a Spiritual gift test 4 years ago; Administration was my top one, with Faith and Craftsmanship following behind. At that point if you would have ever told me that I would be leading a small group, I would have laughed!!! It’s amazing how God works! Now I’m teaching and leading a small group and getting ready to start a 2nd small group. It shows that through Christ…all things are possible.

See you soon!

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