Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Precious Gift

Wow…I know I say that a lot about God…but words can not explain how I feel. He is just so awesome!

So many times I let the world enter my mind and then bang! He presents a sign to get me back on track.

Why do I disbelieve?

If you are normal reader of this blog, you know our desire to adopt. So much worldly things has happen this past year – from the stress of my new position to hubby being unemployed. I have constantly been on a rollercoaster of feelings. One minute I feel excited and I’m researching about adoption and then life happens and time slips by with nothing happening. There’s time I think…..we’ve waiting too long and now it’s not going to happen or it’s not suppose to happen….then I let little worries pop up like what if we start the process and then I get pregnant – all that money gone!

Regardless of the worldly things that keep attaching themselves to me – GOD IS ALWAYS CONSISTENT!!!! He continues to provide signs in the least unexpected ways. In October it was Steven Furtick’s message at the Catalyst.

Today it was in the form of a present from a special friend (Billy – if your reading this it will spoil your note in your Christmas Card!) We have known Billy for quite some time. He’s one of those friends that is friends with so many of the family members that he just feels like he’s always been apart of the family. We didn’t get to meet up like we have done so many Christmas’s in the past – time just got away from us – so he left gifts with my aunt/cousin – and they brought them just now to me at work.

I had just realized that I needed to take a lunch – and after being sick this past week and just feeling blah about life – I decide to go ahead and open the gift while waiting my lunch to nuke.

Wow (again there is that word!) What I opened wasn’t just a gift – Billy has no idea how God has used him as another means to ensure me and motivate me regarding adoption. I don’t know that I’ve even ever really told Billy about our thoughts/plans/God’s signs for us to adopt – he may have read everything through here – whatever or however he knew – his present has me still in tears.

You see part of the gift I unwrapped is a book called “ The Adoption Decision – 15 things you want to know before adopting” by Laura Christianson.

Just when I was feeling all blah about life – this innocent gift – wow (that word again!) what can I say…..

But THANK YOU BILLY for this precious gift and THANK YOU GOD for continuing to ensure me of what I heard a year ago!!!!


koinonia community said...

"Hug" Love you!

Laura Christianson said...


I think that all of us who consider adopting struggle with worries similar to the ones you're experiencing.

Hope you enjoy the book and that it encourages you and draws you closer to God as you work through whether adoption should be part of your life's plan. Let me know what you think of the book.

Laura Christianson
Author of "The Adoption Decision"


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