Sunday, December 07, 2008

A cool blog, video and (two) websites.....

This evening I've been trying to catch up on my reading of blogs.

I came across the following at Robin's blog called "Pensive".

Really makes you think. For the past two years, we have really "cut lean" our Christmas list. This year more than last, since we are down to one income.

The cool thing is our families have been on board with this. Instead we want to spend more "time" with them - talking, eating, laughing. This is what memories are made of not "stuff".

You can find out more by visiting

Also while reading this blog, Robin told us about the website

You have to visit this site. I AM SECOND is a movement of bringing people together - People who realize they can't do life alone. Everyday struggles, job loss, hurt, etc. This website is about relationships with others and most important with our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Check it'll know some of the speakers!

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