Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My husband is trying to kill me and other randomness...

Yeah you read the title correct!

We started going to the gym this week. My husband is doing and wanting me to do the "Body for Life" workout plan. Today was lower body. Every step I take, my legs scream in agony. Okay maybe that's alittle of the drama queen coming out in me.

We're getting to the gym around 5:30 every morning (I know...only crazy people are up that early - and to work out?). It's actually been pretty fun working out together.

As for work...I am out for 4 days! Yeah! We also are going to be in the parade Monday evening (another symptom of the craziness disease!).

It's hard to beleive its the holidays already. but I'm very ready for turkey tomorrow - and potatoe salad, green beans, etc!!!

Nikki (our 9 mth old pup) was 87 pounds two weeks ago when we took her to the vet. Earlier tonight I laid a blanket in the floor with pillows to watch a movie. I got up alittle while ago to call my mom to confirm time for tomorrow and I have lost my place on the floor. She's laying stretched out on my blanket with her head on my pillows...probably drooling! Oh long as she's comfortable right!

Well I want to wish everyone a HAPPY AND SAFE THANKSGIVING!!!!

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Jenny said...

I feel for you that has got to be hard! I need to start working out but so far I am not.



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