Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 1 - 1st Speaker "Andy Stanley"

Day one actually started off with a light show, a demonstration from the national "stomp" squad, and then of course the Catalyst band and Steve Fee (who was awesome!) started the praise & worship.

They immediately pumped you up ready for today. Our first speaker was Andy Stanley. He talked about how we as leaders can influence people which we have no official authority over. For example: parents have official authority of their children...government/law has official authority over citizens. But as leaders (even at a job) those around you (who you lead) are there by choice. They choose to go to church where they do, they choose to work where they do, etc.

I loved the way Andy stated that as leaders we desperately need to have moral authority. This is where our creed matches our deeds. Creed being what we stand for, what we say we stand for, etc matches our actions, our walk, etc.

Our walk matches our talk.

Our private life and our public life align.

When we think about our church, we think about leaders and volunteers, however we don't think about our workplaces like this. Yet every employee has a choice in where they work and if they are going to come in to work. Different things may help them (or make them) make that choice. But in the end, it is their personal choice and will.

Andy talked about the three areas we can improve in our life to ensure we have moral authority:


Whether at church or at a job, we need to make sure we have forgiven. For one we are commanded to forgive by Christ who has forgiven us our sins. We should hold no bitterness. We all have been hurt and will be hurt, we just need to release it to Christ and forgive those that hurt us. Andy stated that this is one of the most boldest leadership moves a person makes - to get on your knees and realease any and all bitterness to our heavenly father.

The next one was hard for me - Andy asked us if our families were being neglected because of ministry and/or our jobs. That we should prioritize our families (under God) but over work, ministry, hobbies, etc. Family is a very special gift from God and that we should not allow them to get our sloppy leftovers of our energy, time, thoughts, etc. His one statement has stayed with me all weekend and so far this week....

Proritize the role that no one else can play over the roles anyone can play.

Wow....No one can be Mike's wife, My parents daughter, my brothers sister...these roles have been given to ME!!! But anyone can be the practice manager at DU, apart of the women's ministry at church, etc.

Then he wrapped up by talking about our finances. He told us to have our "house" in order. Our storehouse. If God has provided to us, to not be a hypocrite. To not take advantage of what we have been given. To be respectful and good stewards. That in order to lead generous people (time, money, energy, etc) - we must be generous leaders.

He talked about the economy and what America is facing right now. If more Christians practice Biblical money principals, then their would be no fear at this moment. The Bible teaches us to Give (to God, to others), to Save, and then to live on the rest. So many times, when the paycheck is put into our hands, we first pay our bills, buy the things we "think" we "need?" and then give to God (and if there is anything left then maybe to others). We have it backwards.

This is something that we've been experiencing in our own lives and it's awesome. When Mike lost his job, we did not change our tithe amount - we actually increased it. We have not wanted for anything. Yeah I may not get pedicures anymore, I go extra weeks before getting a hair cut, I may not have the most "updated/in style" outfit of the season, my vehicle is 11 years old (but paid for!!!), etc....but I am so richly blessed!!!! It's because we give to God first, others second, and then live on what's left!

One of the first messages that we heard from our preacher was about not being able to out-give God. He challenged us to try it. To try to out give God. It's impossible!!!

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