Friday, August 08, 2008


As I've mentioned before - I am a huge Steven Curtis Chapman fan - for so many reasons. The Chapman's have been in my prayers for awhile now. If you missed the Larry King Live show where the family talked about their tragedy - you can click below and see the segments.

Also check out the "after the show" segment. I think it's pretty cool to hear a worldly un-believer openly admitted to the Chapman's that he lacks faith and he doesn't understand their faith - and then during one of the breaks for him to say "wow, I wish I had your faith."

This family is an inspiration. They are strong in their faith and love.

When Mary Beth stated "When we went all the way down, when we hit bottom, the foundation was strong." I was in awe. I think about all the whining and complaining that I do just because I have a bad day. We are told to have the faith of a mustard seed......and here this family who is hurting and grieving is showing their faith to millions of people...believers and un-believers. They've definitely got more than a mustard seed.

I've got to work more on my foundation.

Here's the show segments:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

After the show


koinonia community said...

Sometimes it takes something BIG to test the strength of our foundations. I think you would hold up. But t is truly amazing and inspiring to see faith in action.

Starr said...

Thanks for posting the links. I found out after the fact that the Chapmans were on the show and missed it. I will get to see it thanks to your sharing! Love your blog!

erin blakley said...

Thanks so much for linking this to your blog - of course that means that I just cried as I watched it for the last 45 minutes, but what an incredible testimony! I see that you are feeling like you're in a slump lately, so I am praying that God's mercies will be obvious to you each day as you face what He has for you!


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