Thursday, July 03, 2008

Weekend Plans

Wow....I'm definately glad there's no work tomorrow. I'm exhausted! Just being able to stay in pj's in morning, got some major cleaning planned. We went to the grocery store tonight so that we wouldn't be doing so much fast food this weekend and had it out of the way.

Didn't get to go to the barn today. But hubby did. Carago is doing great! Hubby and Doc seems to think that as long as we keep him completely out of the barn and grass/complete feed only we may not have anymore flare ups! That would be great!

My dad's having some problems. He babies our horses. He doesn't like not giving him hay and not stalling him up at night with the other horses. It's some adjusting he has to do.

I've been doing my verse reading and writing every morning. Almost got it completely memorized. Two more days and then we'll start a new one!

Till later!

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koinonia community said...

Wow! You have been blogging up a storm. I can hardly catch up!

I have an idea. Has Mike been up to Cherokee Cove? It might be a good opportunity while he has some free time to go up and volunteer for a few days. I know they could use the help, and it is a wonderful place to really talk things over with God. It is an amazing place.

Love you guys!


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