Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ten Minutes

Wow...alot can happen within 10 minutes. I just signed off my laptop 10 minutes ago and since then....

(1) A spider tried to attack me as I was turning down the air. I have to have it cool in the house in order to sleep. Hubby had the air set on 72 - I always turn it to 70 before going to bed. I'm hot-natured, he's cold. Go figure. I went in the dark hallway and was going to hit the button when I felt something brush my hand. I flipped on the hall light and squealed. Hubby has gone soft. I told him to come kill this spider and he took it outside. And he use to be the one scared of spiders!!!

(2) I was going to put a load of uniforms in the wash to go through the cycle while I read my Bible and write in my prayer journal. I started the water running, sorted the laundry, and filled it up. At this point the washer actually started the processing....well kindof. The middle piece of the tub that turns the clothes - not moving. Hubby came and looked and told me to let the clothes drain, rinse, and drain again then we'll pull them out and see what's up. As we turned around....

(3) Our 5 month old puppy (she's approx 50+ pounds) is laying on our 13 pound cat. Just in the middle of the kitchen, she's laying on top of the cat. Poor Bobo is trying his best to get up and get away. So we both hollared (and of course broke her heart and hurt her feelings) and now she is pouting in the living room. Bobo is okay....just alittle frazzled!

(4) And since I've been typing....I hit some button and my screen supersized and I can't see the top.

Well I believe its time for me to go to bed before I do anymore damage for the night! All this within 10 minutes.....time does fly when everything is going south!


Dragon Cowboy said...

The spider didn't attack you... he was just hanging out... literally! :) and I'm not soft either, just ecologically conscience, I don’t want to upset the balance of God’s creation!

Cammy said...

I'm laughing with you, not at you. :)

Puppies are so sensitive! LOL

koinonia community said...

Tag, you're it! Now stop by my blog and see what to do next. Hurry, hurry, people are on their way to visit ya.

Anonymous said...

I was one of those tagged by Starr the playground bully. Just teasing! She's a doll! So i came to you via another lady she tagged. So i'm here! An i'm glad i came because i just laughed too hard about this post. Sounds like a fun evening! An the dog... oh the dog... He is adorable. My cat would love him.

Wish you a great day!

Blessings, Heather


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