Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Warning....Crazy Weekend Ahead!

This weekend is packed. But I'm excited about it. We have small group Friday night and Saturday night. And all day Saturday I will be at our church's Ladies Conference called "Renewed for Women". I know it will be very refreshing and uplifting, which is exactly what I am needing. Isn't funny.....This is the 6th annual of this conference. It's held the third Saturday in March every year. All my work craziness has been building up and we "Go Live" to Novant April 1st.

I really feel God being in control of my life. He is providing me with this opportunity to participate in this conference right before things really build to a frenzy at work. Maybe that's why I'm alittle excited because I know that He is going to provide me with something that my soul is craving at this conference.

He is awesome!!!

On my way home tonight (an hour and half later than normal! UGH!) I heard a quick little devotion on the Christian radio station about the commercial for the detergent (unsure of name of detergent). It's the one with the guy at a interview and he has this stain on his shirt. The guy holding the interview can't quit looking at the stain. For drama purposes, they have the stain being animated so that whenever the poor guy tries to answer one of the interview questions, the stain starts screaming jibber-jabber. The poor guy wanting a job can't be heard! The radio station talked about how our attitudes, the way we talk, and/or the way we act can at times be like this stain. If we are not responding in a godly way (such as throwing a hissy fit, cursing, being rude, etc), then this reaction is all that others can see instead of Christ in us and our testimony. I thought that was a nice way of taking something from the media (funny detergent commercial) and really making it stick to your mind. So I'm hoping the next time I'm feeling frustrated at work or mad at someone that I think about that stain on that commercial......I don't want to be known or remembered because of my "Jibber-Jabber" but instead - when I talk or act - they see Christ and my testimony of how awesome He is!

Found the commercial on youtube.....

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erin blakley said...

thanks for saying hi on my blog! I look forward to catching up on yours and your weight loss blog. I know I always need encouragement in that area!


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