Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Plants, sunshine, and His Son.....

This morning, I sit in my parents living room waiting for the large animal vet to arrive for annual shots for the horses. I'm alone and it's quite. As I sit in my dad's recliner, I can hear the birds chirping outside and I notice my mom's plants at the window. My mom is a huge plant lover and has an amazing green thumb (something I'm working on but did not get naturally) There are a total of 5 plants at the front window and 4 at the side window.

The sun is streaming through the windows and the plants leaves are all facing the window. It's like they are stretching and turning around to face the morning sun. Each leaf fighting for position, turning for the best view. They want to feel the warmth and light, They need to feel the warmth and light. It's required in order for these living beings to grow and flourish in life.

It makes me think of my relationship with Christ, The Son of God. He is wanting me to do the same as these plant's leaves. He wants me to stretch forward to His light, to His warmth. And just like the plants need the sun's light.....I need the Son's light, His warmth and energy to grow. His light is so much more brighter and powerful than the suns.

Those plants only worry in the world is to have water and sun to grow. They don't care about anything else. They don't care if the house they live in is messy or neat, if the house is brick or a single wide trailer. they don't care if the people in the house drives a BMW or a Ford, if their wearing Gap or Wranglers. They just want light and water to grow.

Isn't that all we really need to grow God's living refreshing water and God's Son?

Think I'll head outside to sit awhile in the sunlight and pray to the "Son"!

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Dragon Cowboy said...

Wow! I married the most beautiful woman on this planet!

Love! - Mike


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