Sunday, December 09, 2007

Week 2 - Starting Dec 9

This week is going to be crazy and hard! Starting Sunday, we've got a meal at my dh dad's, birthday party of a friend to go to, dinner & decorating at my grandmother's retirement home. Monday, dh Christmas party. Tuesday, Vet appt after work, Wed - normal - church, Thursday Festival of Tables at Church, and then Friday/Saturday is "Give Christmas" at our church. I'm going to try real hard to stay with it. I definately will be relying heavily on God's strength.

Goals for this week:

*Make it through week without adding back on the #'s lost!
*Document all food intake - good and bad
*Start taking vitamins - don't forget!!
*Continue increasing water intake.
*Get on treadmill at least twice this week - preferably more!

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