Sunday, December 16, 2007

Give CHRISTmas!

Yesterday was our "Give CHRISTmas" event at church. Hundreds, upon hundreds of toys were donated to this ministry, a lot of individuals volunteered their time, and over 1,000 kids / over 350 families were helped.

This was an awesome event. We got there about 7am and left around 3pm. I was in awe when I walked through the door and seen all the gifts that were donated. Then when the volunteers started to arrive, it was just amazing. To think that people willing gave up their Saturday, got out in the rain, and came to "work". People are so surprising.

It was a day of laughter, tears, and most of all blessings. Here are just a few pics but they don't even begin to describe the actual day.......

2007Give CHRISTmas Pics

Here is a special one........

My wonderfully crazy husband and his elf hat!!!

My mom would be so embarrassed!!!! He's always threatening to wear this around her!!

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