Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another busy week and best friend in hospital.....

It's been a busy week. We started our Christmas shopping Saturday (I know nothing like waiting till the last minute!), Sunday we had lunch with husbands dad's side of family, Husband's Christmas Party was Monday, Vet appointment Tuesday, Church last night, and tonight is the Ladies Festival of Tables at our church.

I've participated the last three years but decided to take a break this year. But I miss not doing decorating a table. But I'm going to go tonight and sit at my cousin's table. I'll try to post pictures soon.

Also the last two days, my best friend has been hospitalized. She's experience severe trembling, spasms, etc. They are currently treating her for tetanus. Her husband's strength is just amazing. She has been sick off and on for over a year. Suffering from major migraines, etc. She too is a trooper. She's a people person and loves to be around groups. She's a part of our first small group. I'm really worried about her and I'm trying to turn that worry over to God. It's hard. Last year at this time, we were decorating a table for the Festival of Tables. She is truly my best friend. I know that God's in control and watching over her. I pray for healing, patience for all, and most of all for His almighty hand to be over the situation.

Guess I better head for now. I'll post updates soon! Merry Christmas!

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